Congratulations to the 2013-2014 board of directors

  • 02 Apr 2013 7:39 AM
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    DON RUSSELL, author, Joe Sixpack columnist and executive director of Philly Beer Week, Co-Chair  
    JAY BROOKS, author, Brooks on Beer columnist and blogger - Co-Chair
    KEN WEAVER, author and writer, Secretary
    STEVE HAMBURG, writer - Treasurer
    JOHN HOLL, author and writer - Awards Competition Chair
    ALAN WAX, author and writer - Membership Chair
    LUCY SAUNDERS, author and writer -  Director
    BEN KEENE, writer - Social Media
    HEATHER VANDENENGEL, writer and blogger - Member at large
    STAN HIERONYMUS, author and blogger - Member-at-large

    From the bylaws - description of the Board:

                1. The officers of the Guild shall be a Chairperson (or two co-Chairs), Assistant Chairperson, Secretary/Co-Secretary, Treasurer, Awards Competition Chairperson, Membership Committee Chairperson, two Board Members-at-large, and a Director. These officers constitute the Board.

                            Chairperson/Co-Chairs shall preside at all meetings and perform any other duties required by the membership.

                            Assistant Chairperson shall preside in the absence of the Chairperson/Co-Chairs at meetings and shall perform those duties that may be imposed by the Chairperson.

                            Secretary/Co-Secretary shall write and disseminate such notices as may be directed by the Chair, shall keep all required records of the Guild and perform such other duties as may be assigned.

                            Treasurer shall keep all financial records of the Guild, issue notices with respect to bills, maintain a Guild bank account, pay debts and perform such other duties as may be assigned. The Guild bank account shall be used for receiving dues and payments for all events and for issuing checks in payment of Guild debts.

                            Awards Competition Chair shall work with the Board and members to conduct the annual competition. This officer may call upon any others in the Guild for whatever help is necessary to fulfill the function.

                            Membership Committee Chair shall work with the Director and the Board to review membership applications and recruit new members.

                            With the appropriate committee members, Director will organize meetings, approve memberships, collect dues with Treasurer, update website, consult and advise the Board on the affairs of the Guild and aid in directing any of the Guild’s activities.

                            Board Members-at-large will assist in any of the Guild’s activities if other members require extra help. One Board Member-at-large will coordinate social media outreach.

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